According to Oscar Wilde, “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.” He never saw this hairdo. Blending red, white, and blue with fluffy, ethereal curls, it is an airy and light and beautiful way to blend flag-waving traditions with your fashion and beauty look. It may appear out of this world, but there’s more than one way to make your hair a patriotic three-toned hue for the weekend. Get some pointers in the style notes.


Stick Hair Chalk: Hair chalking is creative and non-committal –– perfect for this big birthday weekend. Find red, white and blue colors and use this pictorial how to learn how to do it.

Spray Hair Chalk: For some, traditional sticks of hair chalk are messy and difficult to apply, and may take a few washes to rinse away. Spray chalk is a viable alternative; the range of colors is not as extensive as traditional chalk, but most people find it easier to apply, less drying, and effortless to wash away. As colors are limited you may need to pair red and blue with a white hair accessory, but that can be fun too. Learn more about spray chalk in this inspirational post.

Accessorize: If chalking with stick or spray is too much effort or too exaggerated for you, a simple and attractive option is to give hair red, white and blue effects with the use of accessories. From ribbons to bows to headscarves to pins and clips, there’s oodles of options that you can try. Try browsing on Esty for ideas, and if you don’t fancy forking out, simply make your own.

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