Oh to be so well endowed….with luxurious, shiny, healthy hair. Miranda Kerr’s locks look delicious in this shot taken from her new Wonderbra ad campaign. A center-parted, layered style, artfully shaped into a wave cascade, it’s reminiscent of the seventies styles Farrah Fawcett made famous, yet it has an unquestionable modern attitude. We love the beautiful face-frame and the gorgeous color, which blends from a rich and earthy brown into a few spotlights of honey blonde, perfectly placed to highlight the tousle of the style. For Miranda’s other big assets, you’ll need to see a surgeon; for her hairstyle, click style notes.
Step 1: Shampoo and condition with shine luxe, our favorite regimen for fulsome, shiny locks. Towel-dry hair to damp. Apply cream whip liberally to strands for tons of moisture and lightweight support. Add a few drops of shine luxe oil from mid-lengths to ends.
Step 2: Use a round boar bristle brush to blowdry hair from roots to ends. Use the bristles to create smoothness. Use the shape of the brush to create root lift and a curvaceous shape. Center-part hair with comb. Make the part just off center so as not to split face right down the middle.
Step 3: Use a curling wand to to create big, romantic, ‘C’ shaped waves that begin around the cheekbones and eye line, and tumble down the neck and shoulders in  big, wide waves
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