Scary Movie 5 may be giving people the creeps, but Ashley Tisdale’s classic long, side-parted layer cut has the scintillating color that inspirits the heart. A mocha to dirty blonde ombre, combined with sultry dark eyes and tan complexion, it gives Ashley an Amazonian quality –– strong and sexy and powerful. Modern highlighting patterns and freehand hair painting can both achieve this look; the most important thing is to get tones that suit you. For professional tips, click style notes.

Step: Ask your colorist for a dark to light ombre going from a mid-level coffee or chocolate brown to ashy or dirty blonde on the ends. Before committing to the service, consult with your colorist about your complexion, wardrobe and makeup.

Step: Sleek straight styles show off shine and glister. Use shine luxe oil and flat-iron hair for polish and bedazzle.

Step: Alternatively, spotlight the color graduation with texture. Use a curling iron or wand to create cascading tousle around the lighter areas.


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