Holiday hairstyles are front and center of attention right now; every women and girl is searching for an attention-grabbing, beautifying look. If you wear your hair long, Amanda Seyfried’s modern take on a vintage Hollywood wave could be just the ticket. Reminiscent of the tumbling, peek-a-boo style of 1940s icon, Veronica Lake, the romantic shape is perfect for fancy occasions. To create this look, the important thing is to develop a consistent wave pattern. With a curling iron and product, you can be done in 30 minutes. Read on for detailed step by step instruction…

Step 1: Make a deep side-part and mist whole head liberally with protective thickening lotion and set & style spray. A heavy side part enables an asymmetrical face-frame, perfect for putting features on show.

Step 2: Now curl entire head using a 1-to-2 inch barreled curling iron. Get hair as hot as you can without burning. A good tip (to avoid too much heat while getting a great set) is to unravel and do it again –– twice baked! After each curl is made, use a pin-curl clip to pin in place.

Step 3: Mist hair with primp working spray for hold, shine and texture, and allow hair to cool.
Step 4: Once cool, use the fine teeth of a comb to gently comb out curls. Keep combing till the perfect vintage wave pattern emerges.
Step 5: Tuck the short side of the part behind ear and use a holiday-inspired, sparkly hair clip accessory to hold in place.
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