When you think of an updo, you think about weddings, or other formal or stuffy occasions. Yet buns and ponytails can also be casual, and fashionable too. In this style,  Amanda Seyfried captures both of these elements. A twisted interpretation of a chignon, it doesn’t appear too formal or forced, and the contoured twine on top feels Eastern-inspired, which is right on trend for summer. For tips on making it yours for the weekend, click style notes.


Step: Apply refinish dry shampoo to dry hair to add texture and grip for styling. Brush hair into a high ponytail.

Step: Divide the pony into two and twist and wrap one section to the opposite side, creating a winding, circular shape. Secure with bobby pins.

Step: Repeat this procedure on the other section –– twisting and wrapping over to the opposite side to create a twisted, Eastern-inspired chignon shape.

Step: Mist finished style with primp working spray for shine, texture, humidity defense and hold.

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