It’s a new year and with it many of us make resolutions to look better and do better. However, we all know that drastic ambitions and promises tend to fail fairly quickly. So this year, we’re suggesting we all take little steps to improve and make our great hair resolutions actually doable. It’s far more productive to make small adjustments everyday rather than drastic quick fixes. You’ll be more likely to stick to your new plan and you’ll end up with the hair of your dreams. Ready to get started? Click through to style notes to get the know-how. Here’s to a year of great hair.

Start A Hair Detox 

Ok, so usually detox for me is a four letter word, so don’t worry this doesn’t involve any type of fasting or juicing. Instead, focus on a great nutritional plan that includes plenty of hair healthy ingredients like: omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and iron. You can even opt to give up alcohol or smoking. And after several weeks of heavy primping, put the flat iron away for a few weeks and spread out the time between shampoos. Don’t forget to nourish strands with a deep conditioning treatment like hair repair masque, it’ll be a great treat for your tendrils.

Add In Vitamins 

Add some more great stuff to your hair and health. While you should be getting most of your nutritional value from your food, supplements are an easy way to feel and look better. A multi-vitamin or biotin is a good place to start. There also various beauty related and cosmeceuticals products designed to transform hair, skin, and nails. However, if you’re unsure it’s best to consult with your doctor or nutritionist.

Learn About Ingredients

You care about what you put in your body and read nutrition labels right? Why not take the same approach to your beauty products. Take the time to learn what ingredients actually matter vs. marketing jargon.

Give Hair Some Love & Care

If you start with the above practices, you’ll be on the way to great hair, but don’t forget good tendril maintenance like: limiting heat styling, cutting out too much cleansing, in-salon treatments, regular trims, and replacing cotton pillowcases with silk ones.

Note: You don’t have to start all of these practices at once. Just add in at your comfort level. You’ll be on your way to great hair in no time.


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