Headscarves have the ability to create gorgeous feminine style without the work. If you are about to dash out to an Independence Day party, and want to look suitably patriotic, but aren’t quite sure what to do, this is a great way to forgo hairstyling –– simply wrap a cool red, white and blue headscarf around your crowning glory. You’ll have the hippy-chic vibe, and everyone will know you’re loyal to the homeland. If you opt for a square scarf make sure it is big enough to fold in half and still tie a knot or bow around your head. Or you can embrace more detailed ideas like using long narrow scarves for tying elaborate bows that accent the shape of your hairstyle. For some quick and easy tips, click style notes.

Step: Use curl enhancer and a loose blowdry to create a tousled texture to accent your headscarf. Apply product and twist sections of hair around two fingers. Now blowdry these twists with the nozzle pointing down. This will create a wavy cascading shape.

Step: Once dry, mist with refinish dry shampoo for sea-salt texture and instant volume.

Step: Adorn with your favorite headscarf. Let hair hang out for a shabby-chic, liberated look.

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