This week, our Friday Flashback to one of our all-time most popular posts takes us back to the days when “ombre” was an emerging hair trend. Remind yourself of Lily Aldridge’s original dark to light look in the style notes. . .

Lily Aldridge’s naturally dark locks are brightened with gorgeous face framing caramel highlights. The dark to light ombre effect shows delicious depth and dimension, and the accent of graduated color is a brilliant way to spotlight the texture in any style. A classic and feminine long layer cut, playful use of a curling iron on the ends makes the dynamic difference to this look.


Step: If hair color is naturally light, ask your colorist to darken your base. Then ask for painted-on highlights around the face, on the ends, and the back.

Step: Styling hair like this should be loose and easy. Create luster and shine, volume and fullness, by combining Styling Whip and Volume Foam roots to ends of damp, towel dried hair.

Step: Loose dry hair: Lift it off the root, push it around, from side to side, up and down. Create as much movement and texture as possible.

Step: When close to dry, create a center-part with comb.

Step: Mist Protective Thickening Lotion lightly over the bottom half of the hair shaft. Do this on both side sections, where the waves will be.

Step: Wrap small sections of this hair around curling iron. Hold for a few seconds; release. Complete the process on both sides. Create kinks and kicks and flips in a flowing style.

Step: Use hands to gently push hair into desired shape. For extra hold and control, mist Holding Spray all over.

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