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Steeped in tradition and meaning, the flower crown is a timeless and popular accessory, remaining fresh and in bloom from ancient Greece to Beyonce. As seen on the newsstand, Flower Crowns are back in Vogue. Yet to take the trend on for yourself, it may be better to look to Frieda Kahlo than Queen Bey. While the later manages an impressive amount of flowers on her head, the former’s pretty weaves of plaits, ribbons and flowers are simple yet bohemian, practical and beautiful. Pick some flowers from your garden and click notes to give Frieda’s iconic flower crown a go.

Step: Choose two pieces of fabric or ribbon, a bit longer than twice the length of your hair. Run a small amount of styling creme through lengths to control flyaways and give hold. Divide hair in half from front hairline to nape.

Step: Pull each half into a low pony and secure with a cloth band, then tie a ribbon around each band, allowing ends to hang free. Divide each pony into three sections and add one half of the ribbon to two of the sections. Braid to ends and finish by tying the ends of the ribbon around each braid.

Step: Fold the braids on top of the head, use bobby pins to secure and arrange the ribboned ends as desired on top of the head. Mist completed look with fierce firm hold hairspray to secure.


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