Wow, what a smoldering fringe! Natural-looking tousle and lots of volume makes this long-length cut look dirty, disheveled, and so desirable. There’s a sultry sixties feeling flowing through the shape, but it is the bangs, draping deliciously over eyes, that adds raw power, sex and chic.

Step: To damp, towel-dried hair, apply a generous amount of Styling Whip.

Step: Blowdry bangs first. Use a comb and Blowdryer heat to comb bangs from side to side, then down, to get a nice straight bang, and to smooth out any cowlicks.

Step: Rough dry the rest of the hair. Push the hair loosely around to encourage movement; lift roots off the scalp to encourage root lift, fullness.

Step: About halfway through, start to twist hair around fingers as you dry. Create little twists and apply heat to them. This nurtures a nice natural-looking wavy motion in the hairstyle.

Step: Add more texture and volume with Refinish Dry Shampoo. Apply at the root, tousle it through the shape, and give hair a final scrunch to maximize waviness.

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