What’s better than having a killer up do? Having two killer up do’s!

Model, Joan Small sauntered the VMA red carpet sporting a blazer-esque dress featuring a twisted ornamental bun. Giving us polished girl boss vibes. Afterwards, she let her hair down (literally), with a cascading high pony for the afterparty.

This decorated top knot to wavy high pony can be your new look from the office to date night.

Formal Look (Day):

Run hair gel through damp hair from roots to ends. Slick back the crown of your head with gel and gather the rest as if putting it into a pony tail. Secure your ponytail in the middle of your head. Wrap a section of hair about 2 finger wides around your hair tie – this will act as the base of your bun. Then twist the remaining hair into a tight coil. You can add more gel if your hair isn’t holding tightly together. Then form the figure 8 shape with your coil and secure it with your bobby pins. If your hair is falling to either side, you can stick a bobby through the middle to keep it centered.

Fab Look (Night):

Take your bobby pins out and unwrap that coiled bun. Since your hair was damp at the start you should have a bit of natural wave happening. If not, spray wave mist and scrunch to get some movement in that pony.

You can thank us later for your new everyday hairstyle(s)! 😉


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