Summer is tickling our fancy with the odd warm sunny day, followed by the return of dreary drizzle. But soon enough we’ll all be scorching and making a beeline for the beach. And these days, no girl about town goes to the seaside without slinking in to some beach waves. Click through for steps on how to make a splash with this trending look. 

Step: Start with dry hair. Pulse protective thickening lotion in your hair to prep before styling.

Step: If your hair is very fine, very straight, and/or tends to be quite light and limp, add a coat of texture paste so the style will really hold.

Step: Divide your hair into 3-6 sections depending on thickness. With each section, take your hair and twist it tightly from roots to ends. Using a flat iron, gently and quickly glide it over your twist a few times. Repeat this step in each of the 3-6 twisted sections that you have created.

Step: Let your twists unravel freely. Perfect beach waves! Finish with fierce hairspray for firm hold and a glossy finish.

Note: Beach waves aren’t only for the beach, or summer. Try them for a night on the town!

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