Another day, another Emma Stone hairstyle we are obsessed with. Looking for a cute but sophisticated but cute look that goes from day to night? Look no further than the loose wavy side pony a la Em Stone. Click the style notes below to find a step by step guide on how to create this look. 

How To: Emma Stone’s Wavy Side Pony

On just washed, damp hair, work Volume Foam from root to tip. The more you use, the more you volumize. Then comb hair to really saturate the product evently.

Next, spray Protective Thickening Lotion to protect from heat tools styling so you can begin your volumnious blow dry.

Begin blow-drying with your bristle round brush, keeping hair taught and blow-drying in the direction of the hair growth to keep it smooth and prevent flyways.

 Blow dry top and underside by continually wrapping hair around the brush. This will ensure sleekness in each section and encourage waves and curls. Make sure to blow-dry away from face. When the section is 100% dry, twist the hair as you pull the brush out. Now leave hair to cool.

When hair is all dry, mist small sections with Primp Working Spray and twirl around your finger to set your perfect blowout with a softly tumbling texture.

Loosen waves with fingers then pull hair into a side pony and secure with a clear elastic leaving about 3 inches of ends free like Em Stones. 

Then give it an all once over with Primp Working Spray for an added layer of hold & you’re off to the ball to meet your mate!

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