Want to bring a touch of summer into your day? Then you need to get this strawberry vanilla swirl look. We love this look because it’s soft, fun, romantic, and not overly punchy with the color. This is enough to be interesting without being too “out there.” Click the notes for how to get it. —Kelly Rowe



Ask your stylist for a medium length hair cut that is mainly one length with a bit of light layering so you can create some bounce. Make sure hair is cut with a scissor so ends are more blunt. This cut should hit should hit just below the shoulder so when you curl it it doesn’t get too short.


It’s going to be a complicated process to achieve this softness, so make sure you have a great colorist. Start with pre lightening hair to a level 10, any darker and you won’t get the clarity you see here. Next have a few pink pieces foiled in as well as hand painted pieces through the ends. Finish with a glaze that is mostly clear with a hint of silver to bring everything together and make it glisten.


On damp hair work a handful of styling whip in roots to ends. Wrap hair in rollers all around head and allow to dry completely. This will take a while but air drying will ensure zero frizz and lots of shine. When hair is dry take rollers out and and lightly brush curls together with a small paddle brush. Mist whole head with healing oil to add sultry gloss.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.
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