The ponytail is the best friend of every girl with long hair.  This classic style can be dressed up or down but my favorite are the ones that are perfectly imperfect. Anytime you wear these undone styles you walk the line between intentionally looking like that or just rolled out of bed. Click the notes to recreate this perfectly textured pony.

Step: On second day hair mist in refesh dry conditioner everywhere.

Step: Using a curling wand, curl your entire head. When you are finished curl pulse in refinish.

Step: Rake through your curls with your hands to loosen them up.

Step: Backbrush hair at the crown to get a bit of lift. Next lightly pull hair into a ponytail. Make sure not to pull too tightly so you can retain the textured bits.

Step: Secure with an elastic and wrap piece of your hair around the elastic to conceal it.

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