flash tat
Temporary tattoos, like their permanent counterparts, have grown in popularity in recent years. Now coined as flash tats, these fleeting adornments are popular with festival goers, party starters, and celebs who like to keep the paparazzi guessing. Perhaps it was inevitable, then, that they trend would move up into your hair and now, thanks to Scünci, it has. Find out about temporary hair tattoos in the notes.
— Scünci’s hair tattoos are applied as easily as a sticky strip and wash off with shampoo.
—They work best when applied to silky-smooth strands; if the hair is textured, messy, or curly the design and pattern of the tattoo will be all over the place, not unified.
—The tattoos come in a variety of shapes and forms, from detailed patterns of paisley to streamlined arrows.
— Currently only available in gold and silver, which means they look great with dark hair colors that allow the sparkle to stand out.
— Check out hair tattoos, here.
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