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Yesterday was supermodel Gigi Hadid’s 22nd birthday and to celebrate she dyed her hair pink and flew around New York city in a helicopter.

So for all those wanting to follow suit and hop on the pink train for Spring/Summer, we’ve asked our expert colorists at ARROJO how to go about it.

“First things first, pink is a big commitment. Celebrities look like they go from one hair color to the next overnight but what you aren’t seeing is the wig their stylist uses on them,” says Megara. If you already have blonde hair, pink is not hard to attain. Especially because pink will work over golden tones, your hair dosen’t have to be bleached cool for it to take.”

She then schooled me on the maintenance of fantasy colors. “Don’t wash your hair as often when going pink. You can substitute with dry shampoo or even a co-wash. And of course when you do wash, get color save shampoo to keep your color vibrant for longer.”

So yes Gigi Hadid makes pink look easy and with the right tools you can too!

Instagram @gighadid

Instagram @gighadid

Here are the 3 products you need to make your fantasy color stick:

Rogue Co-Cleanse: Apply in lieu of shampooing to protect the hair from over-cleansing. Gently work through the hair from roots to tips. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse out.

ReFINISH Dry Shampoo: Saves hair from too much shampoo, heat-styling, or color loss. Spray into hair from 8-10” away. Brush out and refinish as desired.

Color Save Shampoo: For anyone with applied hair color, color save helps to get the most bang for your buck. Wet hair, lather in palms, apply at roots, massaging through to ends and rinse.

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