In the two short months since the immaculate conception of Style Noted, the exposition on Emma Stone’s sultry Ginger & Cream style is in our top ten most viewed posts. It’s easy to see why. There’s something about that ginger-red hair color with her pale skin and blue-green eyes that creates wow factor contrast. But what about Emma’s new blonde do? A soft, honeycombed tone, it’s less daring, less bold. It is, however, incredibly beautifying. Notice how she has changed the shade of her eyebrow to match the new hue –– this is something all hair colorers should regard, and do.

Step 1: To go from cinnamon-inspired ginger red to honeycomb blonde, ask your colorist for a light blonde base, and tones in the golden yellow and brown range. Depending on the condition of your hair, this may take two salon visits to achieve.

Step 2: Such a dramatic change affects the overall health and integrity of hair. Restore life and luster with weekly deep conditioning treatments. Apply hair repair masque, leave in for 10 minutes, and rinse out.

Step 3: Switch to color save shampoo and conditioner to preserve shine.

Step 4: Like putting a yellow shirt in the wash, wet shampooing fades color. One of the core benefits of dry shampoo is that it is the equivalent of dry cleaning that yellow shirt. By cleaning without water, it does not fade colors. Wet shampoo once a week, and in lieu, use Refinish dry shampoo day to day.

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