After a recent hiatus from public life to give birth, Giselle is back, and her hair is better than ever! The honeyed golden blonde is the perfect fit for her exotic complexion, while the side-parted, asymmetrical wave cascade creates space for sexy feminine features –– like neck, shoulders, cheekbones and chin –– to be artfully exposed. On the opposite side, the romantic, tumbling tousle is playfully tossed over the shoulder. With long hair and a bit of time at the vanity mirror, it’s easy to steal this supermodel look. For tips and tricks, click style notes. 

Step: Anyone with long, layered hair can create a similar look. Start by cocktailing styling whip and volume foam and apply to damp hair, roots to ends.

Step: Using hands, lift hair off root and blowdry till almost dry. Make a side parting and tuck the short side of the part behind the ear for asymmetry.

Step: A few inches off the root on the long side, use a curling iron to create curls and then use pin-curl clips to fix them to scalp. Allow to cool and release.

Step: Now brush out these curls until they form ‘S’ and ‘C’ shapes with lots and lots of body and bounce. Mist a layer of primp working spray over the finished style to fight humidity, create hold and grip.

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