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Shoulder-length hairstyles are usually styled sleek and smooth, or allowed to air dry for the natural texture of a wash and wear style. But adding bouncy volume is another great option. Extra oomph is always sexy, especially when paired with tousled waves. The image above is a great example. The off -center center part creates soft asymmetry for fulsome waves to hang deliciously off of the shoulder. This style works best on minimally layered cuts that sit on – or just above or below – the shoulder. Click through the style notes for tips on getting lots of body in mid-length hairstyles.

Step: The right hair cut will help you achieve volumized styles. Layered cuts that sit on the shoulder are great for combining lots of volume with sultry waves. The thicker your hair, the more layers should be cut into it –– to lighten the load.

Step: Protective thickening lotion or volume foam are good choices for fine hair that needs lots of support. Frizz control is perfect for styling wavy or unruly textures, or adding a moisture-rich base to thick, dry hair.

Step: After applying desired product, blow-dry with a mid-sized ceramic round brush. Taking sections approximately the size of the brush, lift the hair up at the roots and roll in from ends. Once completely dry, clip each section with a pin-curl clip and mist with primp working spray. Allow the hair to cool, take out clips, tousle and refine the shape with your fingers.


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