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Brunettes have this awesome ability to change their hair every 6-8 weeks that most other hair colors do not have. Who said brunette had to be boring? Natural brunettes can glaze their hair with a demi permanent shade and know it will fade out. Redheads tend to have a harder time getting colors to work with their natural tone and blondes typically get stained permanently from this coloring option. Click the notes for glaze suggestions to update your fall hue. –Kelly Rowe 

If you are naturally a light brunette try a copper based glaze. Copper is the quintessential fall hue and a light brown is the perfect base to put it on. Make sure you use the same level as your hair to get a perfect amber/caramel outcome.


If you are naturally a medium brunette go one level darker and a bit of red. A medium to dark reddish brown will instantly warm you up. This is a shade looks good on nearly everyone because it makes your skin glow. Remember reds fade super quick so if you love it you will have to re-glaze in about 4 weeks but if you aren’t a fan rest assured it will fade quick.


If you are naturally a dark brunette go for a perfect burgundy. Dark brunettes are difficult to change with demi permanents but what you don’t see right away you will see as soon as you hit the sun. So go bold and glaze with a burgundy shade that is mix of reds, browns, and a touch of violet.

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