Wherever your fourth of July plans take you, this look will get you noticed. Sport this vibrant style to join in on the celebrations, barbecues, and parties. Expect many to want to take pictures with your epic American look. Click the notes for tips and tricks. –– By Kelly Rowe

Super saturated blue hair: To get this royal blue color you are going to need a wig. Most wigs that you will be buying in this color will be synthetic, which can you make you very hot as the day goes on. Braid or put into pigtails so the hair stays off your neck and you keep cool.

Flag Lips: While using lipstick or a mixture of lipstick and loose pigment to create the flag look is doable, the staying power will not be there. Get a look almost identical to the above with lip tattoos. Lip tattoos are a great temporary option and stay on till you take them off. Check out Violent Lips,

Eye lashes galore. Don’t be afraid of buying the crazy feathered eyelashes at the store. Wear two different sets so each eye looks different. Take a cue from the picture above.

Keep clothes cool and simple. July is hot so stay cool and wear a simple red bikini or all American cutoff jean shorts. Let the hair and makeup shine.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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