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Are you interested in trying a color that is a little out there? Everyone needs to try it at least once. There are lots of ways to embark on this adventure and even the most permanent ways fade fast so fear of commitment can be forgotten. Trying something that is fun is a freeing experience and you will get kicks out of all the “I love your hair!” comments you’ll get. Click the notes more. –– Kelly Rowe

Pick Colors at First, That Everyone Accepts

Peach, pink, and purple are good starting points since they have become popular amongst celebrities and in fashion imagery, which, rightly or wrongly, makes them more acceptable on Main Street. Although they are far away from natural shades, they don’t strike people as that “out there” so you won’t feel all eyes on you as your walk down the street.


Experiment with Chalk

Chalk will give you flexibility on how much color and the intensity of color you want; it also washes out. Chalk is the best way to test colors and to gauge how you far you want to go with your dramatic color change.


Don’t Be Afraid of Semi Permanent

Semi-permanent is made to wash and fade. Color like Manic Panic and Special FX are a great choice to get super vibrant shades that will fade no matter what. Don’t be intimidated, and go for it. Also, don’t be shocked when you rinse them out. They are very bright at first, but they will fade extremely quickly. And you can speed up the process by using clarifying shampoos.



By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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