The Hunger Games premieres tonight! And you’re going to need hunting skills, stealth, speed, and wits in order to get a ticket! Alternatively, you can copy Hunger Games star, Leven Rambin’s, ravishing do and go straight to the front of the queue. She’s playing Glimmer and you can take inspiration from her character’s name to create a similarly stunning style. Although it looks so special occasion, the style is actually pretty easy to make your own. Focus on luster and polish and shine, then use a curling iron on the ends to add the cascades, which is where the magic is.

Step: Luster is so evident in this style. Keep your hair lustrous with a keratin-inspired treat. Use Hair Repair Masque once a week as a health-giving addition to your regimen. Hair is always hungry for keratin because it’s a natural part of the hair shaft –– use it to create radiance and glister.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Create a side-part over the arch of the eyebrow. Cocktail Styling Whip and Volume Foam and apply liberally.

Step: Use Boar Bristle Round Brush and blowdry roots to ends. Take small, manageable sections so you can focus on smoothness and polish.

Step: Close to dry, stop blowdrying. Mist ends with Thermal Protector. Use curling iron to create soft ‘S’ shapes down the sides –– keep them sexy! 

Step: Pin the short side behind the ear but keep a few draping piece of tousle hanging loose.

Step: Primp the long side until happy with the shape and style.

Step: Mist Holding Spray over style for hold and extra shine.

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