This style shows us the timeless beauty and grace –– and sex appeal! –– of setting hair into a romantic, cascading, flowing shape. The super-precessed platinum blonde, in this case, actually helps to create texture because it will have lots of grip. Styling like this can be done with a curling iron for speed, or with rollers if the set needs to last a few days.

Step: Apply Volume Foam, focusing the application at the roots to induce root lift.

Step: Take a 2 inch section of hair. Spritz liberally with Thermal Protector and Set & Style Spray. Wrap the section around the curling iron and allow to curl. Release from iron and pin the curl in place.

Step: Repeat this process in sections all over the head.

Step: Blast the pin set curls with cool air from your blowdryer to ensure the set is strong.

Step: Release all pin curls. Turn head upside down. With a tiny dab of Hair Creme on your fingertips, go into the root of each curl, tousling and shaking it out for maximum volume, shape, and movement.

Step: Turn head the right way up and use fingers to gently place curls as you like them.

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