No sooner had we told you about Keiko Lynn’s sexy side sweep than she was back in the ARROJO salon to see veteran NY Fashion Week stylist, Tim Duenas, about going all mod. Although her reasons seem more practical than fashionable –– on her blog she said, “I’m kind of loving the ease of short hair” –– there’s no denying the sultry sixties appeal of a modern mod look. We love how she was brave enough cut off her signature long locks, and we love how she’s given a vintage classic a contemporary twist. If you’d like tips for getting a similar style, click style notes for Tim Duenas’ first hand, expert account. 

For this dramatic bob, I worked a classic shape with a modern twist. The length is definitely the trendiest length of the year, so it was the perfect tonic to keep Keiko looking fresh. Through the back, I created a shaggy weightless feel by working a longer undercut with the razor. The layers on top and towards Keiko’s face were left longer too, creating an A-line feel through the interior. Her fringe is an ARROJO classic technique –– swinging supermodel bangs! Everybody loves them. 

For styling, I applied detangling foam on damp hair from ends to roots. I followed with set and style spray. Then, working with my hands, I scrunched her tresses from ends to roots and dried her hair while it was in my hands –– it’s a great technique to enhance a tousled, wavy look. –– Tim Duenas 

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