This light golden blonde single process with creative, painted-on sun-kissed highlights benefits from beautiful, elegant styling. Longer sides, with the top swept back and away from the face, is a timeless way to draw attention to cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes. Make sure to create volume on the sides, so this look has life.

Step: Prep damp, towel-dried damp with Volume Foam. Apply at the roots for maximum lift.

Step: Pre dry hair by lifting hair off the root and drying to about 50% dry.

Step: Create small sections and use Ceramic Round Brush and Blowdryer to blow the hair smooth and voluminous. To do, wrap hair around brush and hold the brush in place after drying the section. Let hair cool and gently release the brush.

Step: Work up the back of the head. Once you reach the sides and top, be sure to lift hair off the scalp for full volume.

Step: Blowdry the top straight back.

Step: Once hair is dry, gently comb back the top to set hair in place. If required, use a pin to hold hair in position.

Step: Spray with Holding Spray to fix. Finish ends with Shine Spray for extra smoothness and sparkle.

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