Yesterday we showed you “The Lob” –– a longer version of the bob –– and today we continue our exposition of variations of one of the all time classic cuts with this stunning geometric bob. Worn by British beauty, Kiera Knightley, this angular look features crisp, sharp lines and creates a stunning outline. Graduated through the back, is it a geometric yet organic shape that brings definition to cheekbones and highlights the feminine curve of the neck. The bronzy brown single process boasts high shine. It is a great match for big mahogany eyes. P.S. The Style Notes below are provided by hairdressing paragon, Nick Arrojo. They give an amazing insight to blowdrying bobs.

Step: Square or round face? Ask for your stylist to make your geometric bob longer in front, and shorter in the back. This helps to slim down the features.

Step: The best thing about a bob is the swing and movement you can create by blowdrying. This shows off its beauty – timeless, classic, and always in. To achieve, do the first technique I was ever taught –– the wrap blowdry.

Step: On damp hair, apply volume foam liberally from roots to ends.

Step: Now, with your nozzle attached (to direct the air flow), blowdry hair, using flat paddle brush. As you blowdry, start with your brush placed on your hair, just above the top of your forehead, where your roots from your bangs begin. Now keep your brush on your scalp and literally brush it all the way around your head. From the front, go 360 degrees around your head. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Now do exactly same thing but going in the other direction.

Step: To avoid the little bit of fuzz and frizz in the texture that often come with this technique, stop the wrap around when your hair is about 95% dry. Now go through section-by-section, panel-by-panel, and blow dry from the underneath up. Make sure you blast the underneath nice and flat, especially if your hair is thick or wavy. This ensures any little waves or wiggles at the root don’t come back to haunt you throughout the day.

Step: Place a few drops of shine spray on hair’s top surface to add sparkle.


Style Notes provided by Nick Arrojo 

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