We love this beautifying everyday look from Ashley Green. The long layered bob is cut to the collarbone and styled in the loose, deconstructed fashion of the modern girl on the go. Bobs are trendy and easy to wear, while the chocolate to caramel ombre spotlights the soft texture and lightens the face-frame. For tips for a similar hairstyle, click notes.


Step: Have your bob cut with a razor. Razor-cuts naturally create a tapered, diffused outline, which suits the deconstructed, lived-in feel of modern styles. For the color, hand-painted ombre techniques help to eliminate lines of demarcation and regrowth, which makes the color look more natural, and lasts longer.

Step: Easy styling makes this a great wash and wear style. Apply styling whip to damp strands and blast dry with blowdryer, tossing hair around with hands to encourage natural texture and volume. It should be a five-minute blowdry at the most.

Step: To increase volume and texture, pulse layers of refinish dry shampoo into roots, shake and tousle. Mist the finished style with healing oil for added sultriness.

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