Cut by Corrinn Dinan, colored by Blaine Lewis, two talented stylists from ARROJO NYC this is a perfect on trend and easy to wear long hairstyle for girls about town. The long, side-parted layers give the hair lots of room to swing and move and create playful bouncy shapes and textures, while the dimensional chocolate and caramel highlights creates soft and shimmering effects with lots of brightness around the face frame. Learn more about this sultry style in the notes.

Step: The long layers were created using concentric circular sections moving up the head, which helps to add space between the layers. The artisan color was painted on using careful brushwork to create the dimensional effect between the chocolate and caramel browns.

Step: For styling, cocktail volume foam and styling whip for body, luster and hold, and work through hair roots to ends. Blast to 80% dry while using hands to toss hair around.

Step: Down each side, wrap small twists around two fingers and blow-dry each twist up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. This should give a cascading wavy effect; if hair fails to hold the shape, use a curling wand for more defined waves.

Step: Finish with primp for humidity defense, hold and sheen.


Special thanks to Corrinn Dinan and Blaine Lewis for sharing their work with Style Noted.

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