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Fairies capture a certain part of the imagination, a desire for freedom and lightness, which may be why they are often pictured with short blonde crops. Pixie cuts in flaxen shades have an ethereal weightlessness, and they look great straight out of the shower. Light hues soften the strong lines of the head-hugging shape, giving this look a flirter, more delicate feeling than its brunette counterpart. To get this whimsical style in a few simple steps, click through to notes. –– Laura Martin 

Step: Ask your stylist for a classic pixie cut with a brow-length swing fringe; the bang will add versatility and softness to the tapered shape. Diffused edges and lots of internal texture will add movement and reduce bulk.

Step: Get a starry blonde double process from a trusted colorist. Retouch roots every 4-6 weeks and cleanse with color save shampoo and conditioner to add shine and prevent brassiness.

Step: To style, towel dry and add a cocktail of hair creme and texture paste. Define with finger tips and you’re ready for adventure.


Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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