When Vidal Sassoon came into the beauty industry in the 1950s, everything was about styling. Hair cuts were shaped the way canvas is cut to stretch on a frame, as a prelude to creation. But almost singlehandedly, Sassoon changed hair from fabric to sculpture, using his shears to craft shapes that enhanced features without hours of setting, teasing, and pinning. His revolutionary methods changed the industry and for many stylists, Sassoon is still an inspiration. The looks pictured here are re-imagined versions of some of his most famous styles. Click the style notes to see the original looks and learn more about the power of precision cutting. –– Laura Martin


This asymmetric style enhances multiple features, highlighting a delicate nose with a low, diagonal line, exposing the curve of the jaw, and giving a new twist on the classic peek-a-boo fringe. New versions of the shape have a slightly longer length for a softer, leaner appearance. This cut is best for small frames and delicate features.


A crisp bob with a graduated nape creates a perfect head shape and effortless elegance. The shape elongates the neck, strengthens the jaw, and outlines the face in a flattering, feminine curve. This cut is especially flattering for narrow chins and wide cheekbones since it adds structure at the jaw and closes in the edges of the face.


The five point cut is Sassoon’s most famous, and features customized tips that fall at the the cheekbones, corners or the neck, and center of the nape. The strong angles are offset by a rounded fringe which curves seductively across the brows, and draws attention away from the nose. Modern versions of the look have tighter angles and less weight, especially around the ears. Great for a variety of faces, this look is especially flattering for high foreheads, distinctive noses, and perfect pouts.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted


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