The best curly cuts work with natural coil, transforming texture from a curse to a blessing by adding space, balancing weight, and unifying frizz. Shaggy shapes with bangs have a rumpled, lived-in quality that softens and modernizes curls. The shape is long, loose, and easy; a perfect, sexy summer look. If you want to give your hair a makeover without fighting its natural movement try this contemporary shape on for size. –– Laura Martin 

Step: Curly hair is a specialty that not all stylists handle well; even among those familiar with textured tresses, methods for cutting curls vary widely from person to person. Ask for a stylist who is comfortable with both curly hair and textured cuts. Request a modern shag, customized for your wave pattern.

Step: If you have wavy hair, add structure and bounce with curl definer. Scrunch hair creme into tips for pieciness,  and add a bit of healing oil for moisture and shine. Air dry, or diffuse and rough up with refinish dry shampoo.

Step: If you have curly hair, add weight and manageability with curl control and curl definer; use a small handful of each. Air dry and twist ends with shine luxe oil for shimmery definition. Shake through with fingers, and add primp working spray for lasting style memory.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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