Famous fashion blogger Keiko Lynn has an inspiring sense of style –– a clever combination of the whimsical, the beatnik, and the chic. Right now, we’re loving her hairstyle. A short and choppy shag with lots of textured layers all through the front, top, sides and back it promotes a soft, cascading, carefree style, perfect for the modern girl about town –– the one who prefers to wash and wear than to blow-dry the day away.  Keiko, a ravishing raven-head, likes her hair color natural, but if you enjoy adding hue to your locks, a blend of high and low lights around the bangs is a great way to soften features and draw attention towards the eyes. For our tips on achieving and maintaining a similar look, click style notes.

Step: Though it looks (and is) loose and natural, the razor-cut shape actually requires a lot of structure, as that structure helps to create the bounce and spring that makes the style special, and versatile. Be sure your stylist is an experienced razor-cutter and ask for a choppy, texturized, short shag with lots of piece-y layers.

Step: After washing, towel-dry hair to damp. In palms, cocktail a pea-size of texture paste with a quarter-size of hair creme and tousle through strands roots to ends. Finger-style into a perfectly imperfect shape as hair air dries.

Step: To increase texture and volume with a modern, gritty finish pulse layers of refinish dry shampoo into hair and shake and tousle some more. You can also use dry shampoo, in lieu of wet shampooing, on days two and three –– the texture will get better and better and better.


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