For any lady with lengthy locks, this is a perfect modern hairstyle. A classic long layer shape, it has so many beautifying benefits. With layers of shorter pieces dancing around the cheekbones and chin, we are naturally drawn to alluring facial features. With full, straight bangs, the eyes take center of attention. And with a dark to light, brown to blonde ombre effect, we get terrific graduation of color. The styling is great too. The piece-y-ness and separation through the mid-lengths and ends is artful, chic, and keeps the look fashionably lived-in. For tips on attaining and maintaining a similar shape, click style notes.

Step: Ask your stylist for a long classic layer shape with deep-set, full bangs. A razor-cut will help create the separation seen in the pictured style. For the color, ask your colorist for a mid-level brown at the roots, graduating to blonde on the ends.

Step: For styling, separate bang section and apply set and style spray to rest of hair. Blowdry loosely in hands. Toss hair from side to side, twist and shake and tousle.

Step: Release bang section and mist with set and style spray. Blowdry side to side with comb till close to dry then switch to combing hair straight down as you finish the blowdry. Apply a small amount of cream wax to aid textural separation through the fringe.

Step: Pulse layers of refinish dry shampoo into the style, shake and tousle some more. This will amp up volume and create the perfect, gritty, lived-in texture.

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