If you’re looking for a trendy new hairstyle, this tousled and deconstructed chin-length bob could be just the ticket. Shorter lengths at the cheekbones, a swooshing side-bang bang, and lots of texture give movement and flow. The style suits all hair types, but those with fine and limp hair will find shorter lengths especially beneficial as cropped styles create an illusion of thickness, and you won’t have to worry about long hair drooping as the day goes on. Thinking about a similar look? Click style notes for our tips.

Step: Ask your stylist for a deconstructed bob shape that emphasizes cheekbones and chin. The outline shape should be quite strong, but the interior should be heavily texturized to create lots of space for hair to swing and move.

Step: This is a great style to wash and wear. Use products like texture paste, hair creme, or creme wax to create soft and textured looks. Simply apply to damp hair, tousle into shape, and play around till you find your favorite finish.

Step: In between shampooing, use refinish dry shampoo to create gritty, lived-in textures with lots of oomph.

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