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Chin-length shapes look great with minimal effort, which is great for everyday wear but makes it easy to fall into a styling rut. Karlie Kloss and January Jones have been instrumental in the growing popularity of bobs, and both ladies are fantastic at wearing the classic shape in a multitude of styles. Transforming bobbed cuts from day to night can be tricky because they have less layering and more weight than other short shapes.  But the right products and a few styling tips are enough to break free, providing you with alternatives to fit every mood and ensemble. Click the style notes to learn how.  — Laura Martin

Step: For soft, natural waves, apply a quarter-size of styling whip and curl enhancer, scrunch into hair gently and tousle dry, directing air away from roots and twisting sections to enhance curl. When all moisture is gone, mist with healing oil for heat protection and shine.

Step: For a sleek beveled look, prep hair with protective thickening lotion, sprayed liberally roots to ends, and defrizz serum applied to tips. Part deeply on one side and use a Denman brush to wrap dry, folding hair across the head shape, alternating directions to create smoothness. When moisture is gone, use a straightening iron to smooth locks and refine bevel.

Step: For a glamorous vintage look, prep hair with set and style spray and protective thickening lotion. Rough dry and mist with holding spray. Wrap 1/2″ sections around a styling wand, holding each section on the tool for 10 seconds, then cupping each curl tightly in palm for another 5 seconds, or until no longer hot. When all hair is curled, brush out lightly and add another layer of holding spray.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted 

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