One of the best things about living in the Big Apple is the inspiring array of great hairstyles we see on the street everyday. From wonderful natural textures to avant-garde and stylistic looks, the entrepreneurial spirit of New Yorkers means that, rather than just translating trends from the runway, they make more than a few of their own. So we’ve decided to start noting a few styles found on the street; and we’re starting with the return of pastel-gelato hair color for 2013. Here, the girl’s artfully deconstructed long strands are painted in an imperfectly (yet perfectly) washed out pastel pink. Worn with a bruisers jacket, she keeps it street tough, not barbie doll. And that’s the trick for spring: If you want to continue the candy-coat hair color trend of 2012, stay away from the airy-fairy; go, instead, to the wrong side of the tracks with artfully disheveled and shabby chic looks. For tips on attaining and maintaining similar fashion, click style notes.

Step: To attain the color, ask your colorist to pre-lighten hair and then tone to a pinky pastel shade. The hue works best when the complexion is on the pale side. To maintain, use color save shampoo and conditioner a few times a week for a wet cleanse that preserves color. As often as you can, dry clean hair with refinish dry shampoo. By absorbing oils, it cleans hair without water. It’s like dry cleaning your posh dress!

Step: To style long hair like this, spray with primp working spray and blowdry in hands. As you do, tousle and separate strands to create the broken texture seen in the picture. Create a side part and sweep the short side behind ear, using pins to secure if necessary. Sweep the top back, pin it down, and make the long side to swoosh over the shoulder in a deconstructed pattern.

Step: Finish with another dose of primp for texture, grip and hold.

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