While wearing her trendsetting short crop, Michelle Williams has enjoyed playing with different color tones. She’s already rocked strawberry and sandy blonde at different red carpet events, and here she goes for the archetypal platinum silvery-blonde. The great thing about short hair, is the different stages of the grow out –– as days pass, you can do radically different things. Until recently, her crop was so short that she was mostly wearing it flat, which is a nice way to accent the curvature of the head. But now, with that bit of extra length, she had created an elegant side-swept bang, and a softly tousled shape. She looks youthful, contemporary, and gorgeous.

Step: If you have successfully lightened to blonde, now you can try different tones. From warm to cool, ash to strawberry see what your colorist thinks would make your perfect match.

Step: As a crop grows out, experiment with different styling ideas. Try brushing it forward, brushing it back, creating some texture, or adding a fringe. Short hair is where you can be most creative.

Step: Use hair creme for slept-in looks. Use texture paste to muss it up. Use cream wax for a lived-in,  disheveled feel.

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