Fall is the best time for hats. From boyfriend beanies to chic wooly caps, almost any kind of hat seems to suit the ruggedness of the season. The only problem is the dreaded hat hair – when you take off your topper and find your style is not flowing, but flat. So as the autumn leaves begin their rustle, here’s some hacks so you never have to avoid the warmth and the wonder of the hat. . .

Hat hair really comes from taking your hair style and putting at hat directly over it. The tension flattens out everything giving you the distinctive look that you have been sporting a hat or headband. A few tips to avoid these problems are:

Keep a dry shampoo in your purse like the ReFINISH travel size. Pulse the dry shampoo into your roots and fluff before you put your hat on. You head will heat up with a hat on so it’s important to have product in place that will make sure strands don’t go limp. When you take your hat off, fluff again with more dry shampoo. 

Part you hair to the opposite side before you put your hat on. When you take your hat off flip hair back to your natural part. This is a super easy trick to retain volume at your natural parting without having to do too much.

If you are wearing waves and curls, retain their shape with a simple ballerina bun. Take the top third of your hair, twist and spin into a tiny ballerina bun on the top of your head, secure with a bobby pin. Now put your hat on. When you are ready to wear your hair without the hat just shake out the bun and blend the waves to the rest of your hair with your hands. 

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