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The delicate boning in fishtail braids gives them an elegant construction reminiscent of corset laces. The fine structure brings intricacy to girlish pigtails, transforming them into something simultaneously elaborate and simple. The style is chic enough for a night on the town and effortless enough for a day at the beach. Read on for steps to this laced up look. –– Laura Martin

Step: Prep the hair with protective thickening lotion, dousing strands throughly before drying. This lightweight spray plumps strands, provides light hold, and guards against sun damage. After applying, dry hair with a paddle brush and mist lightly with healing oil for shine and flyaway control.

Step: Part hair in the center and divide the hair on one side into two section. Hold sections taut just below the ear and take a small piece from the left section. Cross this hair over the center, adding it to the right section. Then take a strand from the right and add it into the left. Repeat, alternating sides until ends are reached. Fasten with a band and repeat the process on the opposite side.

Step: Finish braids with holding spray and loosen with fingers if a softer texture is desired.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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