We love head-turning hair color, especially hot-hot pink! With her latest look of fluorescent pink, shorter bob, and piecey fringe Nicole Richie could put us in a neck brace. It’s certainly an antidote to the doldrums of winter. If you feel like livening up your look with a similar hue, click notes to get tips on how to be a hair chameleon like Nicole. –– Kelly Rowe

Short Shiny Hair

Coloring often and with vibrant tones puts an enormous amount of stress on your hair. The only way to keep your hair looking healthy is to keep it short.  This is why Nicole’s hair always looks great when she makes a major change. Every time she colors it, especially when going from a darker shade to a lighter shade, she cuts it too, removing damaged ends. Damaged hair makes even the brightest shades look dull.

Solid Colors Always

Bold hair always looks better as a solid tone or a variation of one color. Solid colors, even if they are a bright, always appear softer because they are consistent. Panels pop off of the natural hair tone and look harsh. Be brave and go with an all over color and you won’t regret the outcome.

Keep Your Style Fashion Forward but Not Over the Top

If you are wearing an extra bold hairstyle you want you your outfit to be fashion forward, but classy. Styling like this will make your hair stand out and be a piece of interest rather than your whole look being distracting.

By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.

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