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Pin pricks of bright blonde scattered through a dark base give hair a heightened sense of movement. As strands shift and sway, the light pieces peek out, creating a sparkling effect of coruscating color. The key to this look is minimalism; well spaced slivers buried within the bulk of the hair gives just enough contrast and radiance. Dense placement or large sections will make for a stripy effect; so if in doubt, less is more. Read the style notes for my professional tips and salon formulation. –– Laura Martin

Tips: When applying the lighter color, use very thin slices, not weaves, to create individual tendrils. Leave out the hairline and stay about half-an-inch away from the natural part to create buried brilliance. Space foils at least an inch apart and use no more than twenty for the entire head. While they are processing, apply the darker shade all over, between foils. Rinse away the dark color first, then the highlights, and shampoo before toning. The toner should sit for no longer than ten minutes.

Formulas: (on starting level 6)

Highlights: Goldwell Oxycur Lighterner with 20 Volume

Base: Goldwell Colorance 6GB with Colorance Acid Lotion

Toner: Goldwell Colorance 1part 9GB and One Part 10G with Colorance Acid Lotion


Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted 

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