Warm and earthy, natural umber is on one the oldest pigments used by man. It was a favorite hue of classic chiaroscuro painters Caravaggio and Rembrandt. The shade is soft, rich and layered. It contains a mix of gold, red and charcoal hues that makes an unusual yet understated brown. Click the notes for the professional formulation. –– Laura Martin

Application: A demi-permanent formula could work here, but would lack the depth and complexity of you’ll get with permanent color. Using a low volume developer prevents damage and keeps color from getting brassy. Apply the formula below from roots to ends.


Formulas: (on natural level 6)

Goldwell Topchic 3 parts 7K + 2 parts 8A + 1 part 5B with 10 Volume


Special thanks to Laura Martin for this post. Laura is a professional hair stylist, former senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, and a creative non-fiction MFA student at Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA. Follow her inspirations on twitter.

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