Rainbow hair, unicorn hair, candy colored hair, whatever you call it this look is hot and on trend. This daring collection named “Spin the Spectrum” was photographed by Ellis Parrinder and immediately captures the electricity of an assortment of colors.  You can feel the energy coming out of the hair. Having strands like this is perfect for those who are adventurous and thrive in the spotlight. For details on a having a magical mane click the notes. –– By Kelly Rowe.


It takes a skilled colorist!

This is going to take a very skilled colorist, and specifically one who has experience working with unnatural colors. If you do not feel your current colorist is up to it find someone who has a notable background in this area, or you may hate the result. Make sure to ask to see pictures of clients they have done similar work on.

There is incredible amount of maintenance.

With this there is no such thing as a simple retouch. The process will nearly have to be completely repeated if you want to keep this for long period of time.

Getting it out is harder than putting it in.

Putting it in is exciting and fun. Getting it out is whole other journey. Get ready for bleach and a lot of it; it’s the only way to remove color like this.

Don’t attempt it at home.

If done by a professional you will get tons of compliments and people asking, “where did you get your hair done?” If you try this at home you will end up with a muddy mess and nobody thinks that’s attractive.

Invest in products.

Having an arsenal of color protecting products will assist in prolonging this color life. Use color save shampoo and conditioner, whipped treatment, and UV protectors to protect fading like Healing Oil and Protective Thickening Lotion.

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