Blue hair, who knew! Katie Perry, the summer’s unofficial queen of color, has made what was once Grandma’s favorite shade into a burning hipster trend. It may appear unnatural, yet this season’s range of pastel hues has opened the door to a new wave of creative dyes. By bleaching, you can create a canvas to glaze to almost any shade. Or you can dip-dye or use ombre effects to create pockets of pastel blue that accent the shape of the cut. Read on for tips on going blue…

Step: This is not the color to do at home! It has a tendency to go green if put on top of the wrong color base. Basic color theory rules apply –– i.e.: if you put blue on top of yellow you get green. Be sure to ask your colorist on the best way forward.

Step: A salon colorist should pre-lighten hair, then glaze to tone to blue. Alternatively, for splashes of blue, expect the color to be painted on by hand.

Step: Pastel shades fade fast. It’s a good idea to wet shampoo less, and use refinish dry shampoo to dry clean hair. You should also avoid too much heat-tool styling, and if you do use irons, make sure to prep hair with thermal protector first.

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