This deep silvery version of violet hair has gothic edge. The look takes inspiration from the reverse ombre trend; pale roots give a moonlit shimmer to the dark shade. Lightness at the top creates an illusion of volume while dusky lengths provide a slenderizing effect. The loose texture imparts fluidity for the inky color.  Click through the style notes to see how to achieve this dusky purple.

Step: A pale blonde base is the perfect foundation for this vibrant look. Light hair provides the best backdrop for bright colors because it won’t muddy other tones.

Step: Try using hair chalk for a temporary version of this look. The chalk is easy to use and washes completely out of your hair in one shampoo. Try this effect with other shades, blue, red, or even pink could work depending on your skin tone.

Step: A longer lasting version of this technique could be achieved with a semi-permanent dye. Vivid colors fade fast, make sure to use color save shampoo and conditioner to maintain intensity.

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