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Cool, sweet and classic, sherbet is a sorbet’s fluffier, creamier cousin. The bright fruity treat comes in a rainbow of tempting pastel hues that are served alone or combined in luscious swirls. Blending pale tones in curved lines and organic patterns gives a pretty, watercolor effect to these looks. Create these playful washes easily using hair chalk, or paint on shades with tinted conditioners. Read on for tips and tricks to getting a blend of soft intermingled shades. — Laura Martin 

Step: You can achieve a rainbow effect on most hair shades with chalking, but a light blonde base will give the clearest and most translucent hues. Goldwell Silk Lift will give beautiful, even results while leaving hair shiny and conditioned. Lighten your whole head for a soft effect or leave a dark frame to make colors pop.

Step: Get a few colors of hair chalk from your favorite brand (I like Kevin Murphy’s color bug) and apply, one color at a time working from the lightest shade to the darkest on lightly damp hair. Apply one color across the entire root area to unify the look, then experiment with layering shades toward the ends or on different parts of the hair.

Step: Wear for a day or two, then cleanse and start over. Chalking can dry the hair, so follow an application with color save shampoo and whipped treatment to revitalize strands. For a moisturizing alternative to chalk, try using a colored conditioner like water color hydrating hair masque.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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