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Ever since Marilyn Monroe showed us why Gentleman Prefer Blondes in Howard Hawks’ iconic fifties film, western culture has chosen to venerate flowing flaxen locks. Is there a woman alive who hasn’t at least dreamed of being a blonde bombshell? We don’t think so. If this is the year for you to go blonde (or blonder), the hottest trend is a drift towards white hot platinum tones, icy and Nordic. Most people believe this kind of tone is beyond their reach, however, modern innovations in salon hair color continue to make big changes easier and more achievable. So if you love the hues noted above, click style notes for tips on how you can get a similar look.

Step: To go blonde, not everyone has to bleach and tone their hair. Normally hair that was naturally blonde in childhood and has darkened into a mousy brown shade as time has gone by is the perfect natural base to go blonde without bleaching. Not only is the hair more suitable (because the natural color will be much closer to natural blonde) but it’s also likely that your skin tone and eye color will be a great match too.

Step: If you’re naturally darker and you do go bleach blonde know that the texture of your hair will change, becoming slightly thicker because of the strong chemical process, as well as dry, possibly brittle, and more prone to frizz. If you’ve used a lot of color in the past, and your hair feels dry and porous and brittle, do not bleach –– hair may break off!

Step: On textured hair, bleaching rarely works well. The color usually fails to take evenly. If you have lots of texture, avoid this look, and embrace your curls instead.

Step: Salon back-bars now stock what are often called ‘High-Lift Blondes.’ High-Lift Blondes are technologically advanced and can shift hair color 4-to-5 levels lighter without the need for a chemical bleaching process. This is a great piece of innovation and generally works well, though it is still a strong process and will have an effect on the overall health of your hair, but not nearly as much as a bleach and tone. A good option.

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