Going lighter has many benefits; it softens features, brightens skin, emphasizes texture, and makes hair feel fluffy and light. A tiny spark of vibrant tone ups the enchanting playfulness of flawless platinum with a trendy candy twist. Paint a streak across the edge of your bangs to emphasize your eyes, or anywhere you want to add interest. A piecey, short cut, keeps it light and versatile, transitioning from preppy to funky with ease. To get this sweet, summer treat in a few simple steps, read on for product recommendations, cutting tips, and professional hair color formulas. –– Laura Martin

Step: Cool white blonde is a high maintenance shade, but well worth the time put in at the salon. A conditioning lightener like Goldwell Silk Lift will brighten you up without doing damage. Lift hair to a pale yellow, then glaze with Goldwell Express Toner in 10 Silver, for fool-proof, icy whiteness. Add bright tone with hair chalk, or paint on with your favorite shade of manic panic.

Step: A short square layered cut done with a razor will provide lots of texture while minimizing weight. Leave length longer on the top to maximize styling options and add softness to the shape.

Step: To give the cut a playful, piecey finish, style with a nickel of texture paste, applied roots to ends. For an edgy look, add refinish dry shampoo liberally to roots and twist ends with with cream wax. For a classic, low volume finish, rub with a dime-size of hair creme and allow to air dry.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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